Home Renovation
Home Renovation

When you are looking to renovate a home to create a high-end, luxury living space of which you can be proud, at 1016 Developments, we are able to complete the project to a long lasting, high standard.

We understand that your main aim will be to get the property renovated in a way that is time-efficient and compliant, and our team have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the results to a schedule and to high safety standards.

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Restaurant & Bars
Restaurant & Bars

At 1016 Developments, we can assist with the renovation of a number of commercial premises, including bars and restaurants.

It could be that your establishment is new or undergoing a rebrand, that an existing structure is starting to show signs of wear and tear, or simply a case of the design being out of date. Whatever the reason, if you need a high-spec refurbishment carried out by experienced professionals, contact us at 1016 Developments.

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Home Heating and Green Energy

Home Heating and Green Energy

When your home is being renovated, it is the perfect time to also change any heating issues that your property may have. Often, a home that is being renovated will have an inefficient, dated, or even dangerous central heating system. In these circumstances, it is crucial that a new heating system is installed. You should be able to be warm and cosy in your newly renovated home without having to have money seeping out of the property.

At 1016 Developments, we can provide a team of specialised qualified heating engineers to advise and install a new system into your home. We’ll make sure that your new heating and energy system is as efficient as possible whilst still remaining environmentally-responsible in order to reduce your energy bill.

Revitalise your home’s energy supply

Our experts can provide assistance with the integration of new heating systems, along with insulation solutions that can help your home remain efficient and warm.

There are a number of modern heating systems available, ranging from boilers and radiators to underfloor heating and green energy solutions. We work hard to ensure that even those on a budget can get reliable, durable, and cost-effective home heating solutions. Our services come with a guarantee so that you are safe in the knowledge that you and your family will be safe and warm.

Making the move to green energy could significantly increase the value of your home, which is often one of the aims of a renovation. Whether it be through installing solar panels on the roof or switching to a water-saving shower and toilet, making your property a green energy home will be kinder both on your wallet and on the environment. If your budget is not as high, then simple changes like energy-saving doors and window fixtures that use less energy and keep the heat in can save you electricity or gas and money.

Speak to the green home energy experts

At 1016 Developments, your satisfaction is paramount to us.

That is why we take the time to understand how your current heating and energy is working for you, and then our team will be able to advise which system is best for your lifestyle, home and budget. We offer the complete service from beginning to end to your requirements. Throughout the whole process, a dedicated member of the 1016 Developments team will be communicating with you.

To book a time for us to make an in-depth analysis of your home to see which of our home heating and green energy services best suit your lifestyle and home, then please get in touch with one of our representatives today.

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